• Framed 1967 USSR Matchbox Labels - Wise Thoughts
  • Framed 1967 USSR Matchbox Labels - Wise Thoughts
  • Framed 1967 USSR Matchbox Labels - Wise Thoughts
  • The Enlightened Hound

Framed 1967 USSR Matchbox Labels - Wise Thoughts

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Seller. Debbie Kendall of The Enlightened Hound.

“Matchbox labels were a low cost way for manufacturers and governments to get a message to the masses. Be it advertising, propaganda or series of artistic images, the small size of the matchbox label presented the artist and designer with a specific set of challenges - how to create a striking, impactful message or design with a canvas of typically 50 x 35mm. Many matchbox labels are little marvels of graphic design that are both desirable and collectible.

This set of 14 original vintage “Wise Thoughts” USSR matchbox labels were produced by the Sloboda match factory “Belka” in 1967. In a world without Internet and mobile communications, these Soviet words of wisdom served as motivational quotes for the people and were always at hand – on a matchbox. They were intended to teach Soviet people kindness, diligence, honesty, good attitude towards others and life. They are translated as (from top left):

No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself (Vladimir Lenin)

Science struggles against superstition, like the light against the darkness. (Dimitri Mendeleev)

Nature is a book which must be properly read and understood (M. Nalbandian)

The Communist Party is the mind, honour and conscience of our age (Party Manifesto)

A nightingale caught in the cat’s claws will sing a poor song (I. Krylov)

Labor created man from an ape (F. Engels)

Science illuminates the path of life. (Nikolai Mikhailovsky)

At all times there have been people who gave their lives for an ideal (Romain Rolland)

Trouble is if the cobbler begins baking pies, and a pieman stitches boots (I. Krylov)

A selfish man withers like a lonely barren tree (IS Turgenev)

Progress is the law of nature. (Voltaire)

If your path leads to the knowledge of the world, no matter how it was long and difficult – go ahead. (Ferdowsi)

Neither folk healers, nor god, nor a servant of God will help us (Mayakovsky)

Communism establishes Peace on earth, Labour, Freedom, Equality, Brotherhood and Happiness for all nations. (Party Manifesto)

Professionally mounted with stamp hinges on black card with an off white double mount in a custom reclaimed wood frame (to complete the vintage vibe) - hand painted and waxed. Each frame has its own pattern of knots, dinks, scratches, nail holes, wonky edges and aged patina. Fitted with crystal clear acrylic ’glass’ and ready to hang.”

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