Vintage Objects

Vintage Objects

Motorbike Helmets, model boats, folk art, giant letters, we love uncovering interesting things that have a story to tell. We scour flea markets of the world and have a network of brilliant vintage dealers who bring us the best and most original pieces to make your house a home that is full of warmth and character.

New Signal Flag

Signal Flag


New Crayola Crayons - 1960s

Crayola Crayons - 1960s

FROM £6.95

New Vintage Matches

Vintage Matches

FROM £1.90

New Pine Crest Ranch Pennants

Pine Crest Ranch Pennants

FROM £3.75

New Large Wooden Plane - 2

Large Wooden Plane - 2


New Large Wooden Plane - 3

Large Wooden Plane - 3


New Medium Wooden Plane - 2

Medium Wooden Plane - 2


New Medium Wooden Plane - 8

Medium Wooden Plane - 8


New Sea King Model Boat

Sea King Model Boat


New Large British Lab Bottles

Large British Lab Bottles

FROM £8.00

New Pub Lion - 2

Pub Lion - 2


New Tri Blade Super Scrapers

Tri Blade Super Scrapers


New 1930s Uncut Picture Cards - 2

1930s Uncut Picture Cards - 2


New Italian Embroidered Wall Hanging/Bed Spread

Italian Embroidered Wall Hanging/Bed Spread


New French Metal Cabinet - 2

French Metal Cabinet - 2


New Mechanic's Swiss Army Stacking Boxes

Mechanic’s Swiss Army Stacking Boxes

FROM £29.50

New Wooden Military Trunk

Wooden Military Trunk


New Military Oil Cans

Military Oil Cans

FROM £9.50

New Serious Tipping Wheelbarrow

Serious Tipping Wheelbarrow


New Vintage Wooden Chair

Wooden Chair


New Folk Art Boat - Blue & Yellow Power Boat

Folk Art Boat - Blue & Yellow Power Boat


New Ringling Bros Peanut Bags

Ringling Bros Peanut Bags

FROM £4.50

New 1940s Instruction Sign - House For Rent

1940s Instruction Sign - House For Rent


New Fox Lane Playing Cards

Fox Lane Playing Cards

FROM £8.50

New Florida Stickers

Florida Stickers

FROM £4.50

New 1970s Eraser

1970s Eraser

FROM £3.50

New Smiths Sectric Clock

Smiths Sectric Clock


New To My Valentine Sticker - Set Of 10

To My Valentine Sticker - Set Of 10


New Frosted Lightbulb

Frosted Lightbulb


New Men 1960s Music And Movie Star Postcards

1960s Music And Movie Star Postcards


New French Military Thread

French Military Thread


New Plus Two Cigarette Dispenser

Plus Two Cigarette Dispenser


New Huge Locksmith's Keys

Huge Locksmith’s Keys


New Old Honesty Polish

Old Honesty Polish


New Table Top Soccer

Table Top Soccer


New Canadian Airforce Plane

Canadian Airforce Plane


New Nova Scotia Cod Spool

Nova Scotia Cod Spool


New Ring And Coil Puzzle

Ring And Coil Puzzle


New Brooklyn Caterer's Case - Regency

Brooklyn Caterer’s Case - Regency


New Brooklyn Caterer's Case - Pyrex - Grey/Gold Rim

Brooklyn Caterer’s Case - Pyrex - Grey/Gold Rim


New Brooklyn Caterer's Case - Gold Rim - Japan

Brooklyn Caterer’s Case - Gold Rim - Japan


New Mustad O' Shaughnessy Hooks

Mustad O’ Shaughnessy Hooks


New Candles



New Giant Wooden Plane

Giant Wooden Plane


New Medium Cage Table

Medium Cage Table


New Glass Jar with Tokens

Glass Jar with Tokens


New Spring Beard Needles

Spring Beard Needles


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