Vintage Marketplace

Vintage Marketplace

Pedlars Vintage Marketplace is a new venture for Pedlars that enables vintage dealers and enthusiasts to offer their goods for sale via Pedlars. Pedlars has a solid reputation for sourcing and selling the best vintage items and a large and eager customer base; our aim is to expand our offer by inviting sellers to show our customers their goods. If you have something to sell, and think Pedlars Vintage Marketplace is the way to do it, read this.

Our current dealers include: Jenny South of The Old School House, Julie Knight from Ember Gate, Tina Evans, Coupland’s Outfit & Supply, Tamara from Reclectic, Sugden and Daughters, Paul & Lucy Vintage, Christophe Charlot, Ben Langworthy, Neil Williams + one of Europe's top vintage clothing buyers (it's a secret).

New Industrial Metal Container

Industrial Metal Container


New Enamel Tub

Enamel Tub


New Metal Plant Stand

Metal Plant Stand


New Copper and Brass Bugle

Copper and Brass Bugle


New Boy Scout Belt with Knife

Boy Scout Belt with Knife


New 1940s Kodak Photograph Guillotine

1940s Kodak Photograph Guillotine

Sold out

New 1950s Christmas Pastry Cutters

1950s Christmas Pastry Cutters


New 1950s Metal Pastry Cutters

1950s Metal Pastry Cutters


New 1950s Metal Tea Tins - Set of Three

1950s Metal Tea Tins - Set of Three


New US Mint Dollars Bag

US Mint Dollars Bag


New Victorian Brass Shop Scales

Victorian Brass Shop Scales


New 1950s Wooden Drinks Tray

1950s Wooden Drinks Tray

Sold out

New Wooden Butter Stamp

Wooden Butter Stamp


New 1915 Eye Let ER

1915 Eye Let ER


New Wooden Egg Timer

Wooden Egg Timer


New Bold Letterpress Letters - 35mm

Bold Letterpress Letters - 35mm

FROM £4.50

New Letterpress Letters - 55mm

Letterpress Letters - 55mm

FROM £4.50

New Letterpress Letters - 65mm

Letterpress Letters - 65mm

FROM £4.50

New Extra Large Shoe Lasts

Extra Large Shoe Lasts


New Wooden Shoe Lasts

Wooden Shoe Lasts

FROM £30.00

New Rush Bench

Rush Bench


New Brass Flat Iron

Brass Flat Iron


New Silk - Screened Fabric

Silk - Screened Fabric


New Salters Spring Balance Scales

Salters Spring Balance Scales


New Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin


New Set of Four French Storage Pots

Set of Four French Storage Pots


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