As anyone who has ever enjoyed life at a perfectly-stocked desk -be it at home, at school or at work- will testify, good stationery might well be one of the roots of happiness. The perfect pencil, a sharpener so precise that it makes you want to use it all day long, a crisp new notebook, the perfect case for your laptop. These are the things that make a desk a place of joy. We love stationery. Yup! We're Stationery Heads and proud of it. And so we scour the globe looking for the best things for our desk. Here they are.

New Flip Perpetual Calendar

Perpetual Flip Calendar


New Crayola Crayons - 1960s

Crayola Crayons - 1960s

FROM £6.95

New Pedlars Stationery Provisions Kit

Pedlars Stationery Provisions Kit


New The Signet 100 Pencil - Box of 10

The Signet 100 Pencil - Box of 10


New Pedlars Signet Pencil - Single

Pedlars Signet 100 Pencil - Single


New Pedlars Carpenter's Pencils

Pedlars Carpenter’s Pencils

FROM £1.50

New 1970s Eraser

1970s Vintage Eraser

FROM £3.50

New Gift Tags - Eat Me

Gift Tags - Eat Me

FROM £3.95

New Giant Orange Chalk

Giant Vintage Orange Chalk


New New York Chalk Crayons - Black (Unlidded)

Vintage New York Chalk Crayons - Black (Unlidded)


New Skilcraft Bonded No 2 Medium Pencils

Vintage Skilcraft Bonded No 2 Medium Pencils

FROM £1.50

New London Map - Aqua

London Map - Aqua


New Brass Messograf Caliper Pen

Brass Messograf Caliper Pen

Sold out

New Solid Brass Snuff Box

Solid Brass Snuff Box

Sold out

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