Vintage Charts

New Yachtsmen 1960 No 37

1960 Vintage Private Signals of Yachtsmen - No 37

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New Yachtsmen 1960 No 62

1960 Vintage Private Signals of Yachtsmen - No 62

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Looking for the next addition to your gallery wall? Vintage charts are exactly what your walls are crying out for. Break up paintings and family portraits with a beautifully illustrated chart. You’ll have seen them fill up your Instagram feeds, as botanical and zoological charts are especially popular interior design treasures. Now it’s time to fill your walls.

At Pedlars, we believe bare walls should be covered with things that catch your eye. That means you’re not restricted to framed prints – as great as they are, consider pennants and flags, tube signs, maps and signs. You’ll end up with walls full of character.

Why we love educational charts

We’re proud of our growing collection of vintage charts. A lot of them are educational or anatomical – so body parts, plants and animals are a common sight. They could be framed, mounted or on their original hangers. There are muted colour palettes alongside bold contrasts.

They all boast unique charm. There’s something special about an education chart. Whether it’s the anatomy of a bat or the human skeleton, you’ll learn from and fall in love with your new wall art.

We’ve had some real delights come through our virtual flea market – including life-size anatomical charts, double-sided French school posters and original handwriting instructions. We hope you’re as excited as us to see what our team of vintage dealers source next.

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