Week 306’s Pedlars Dog of the Week is…. Raggly!

  • Week 306’s Pedlars Dog of the Week is…. Raggly!

June 12, 2017 - Dog of the Week

Say 'hello' to Raggly, our Pedlars Dog of the Week!

This handsome chap is a six-year-old Schnoodle. He is a rescue dog and was kept in a shed for two years completely on his own. He is the dearest, most affectionate little chap; still terrified of his own shadow but he's achieved great things. He can walk off the lead now, and he actually comes back when called!

Congratulations Raggly, you absolutely deserve to be PEDLARS DOG OF THE WEEK!

If your dog is a superstar hound, email sophie@pedlars.co.uk and tell us why they should be our Dog of the Week, with a photo of course.

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