Week 300’s Dog of the Week is… Josh!

  • Week 300's Dog of the Week is… Josh!

April 03, 2017 - Dog of the Week

Meet Josh, an English Springer Spaniel. To his owner Maggie he is a true hero. Maggie gave Josh to her husband 7 years ago as his new gun dog, but her wonderful husband died a few months later and -according to Maggie- Josh has literally saved her life in the intervening years with his love, fun and naughtiness!

He loves water, mud and running for his life - in other words, a true Springer! He chews Maggie's scarves, socks and shoes as well as his toys and beds, but whatever he does they adore each other.

We can't think of a more deserving dog for our 300th Pedlars Dog of the Week, CONGRATULATIONS JOSH!


Take a look at some of our other Pedlars Dogs of the Week here, and if you think your dog is deserving of the accolade, email a photo and some details (name, age, breed, notable achievements) to sophie@pedlars.co.uk.

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