VINTspiration: Series 24

  • VINTspiration: Series 24

October 13, 2017 - Inspiration

Welcome to your weekly VINTspiration: our outlet for all the great stuff we stumble across on a daily basis. 

Le Super Qualité Bar is in Montreal. It’s a great name and it looks pretty good, too. This space does something unusual in design terms, mixing industrial bits with Indian colours and graphics. In some ways the hand-painted graphics and rolling fonts jar with the clean industrial lines but overall it works (and probably because no one else is doing it; originality is king/queen).

Have you come across Elephant House’s 'extraordinary auctions of eccentric curiosities’? They always have something interesting going on (one bit of clear advice if you want to buy something is to go there and not try absentee bidding; we have never been able to get hold of the only thing we bought by absentee bid, so beware!).

Hotel Henry. This former mental hospital has been beautifully converted into a boutique hotel by New York architects Deborah Berke Partners. And it’s haunted, to boot. 

Charleston. Here is a fine example of modernism done really well. You could travel to Carolina for this hotel or just enjoy it here.

Colourful shapes. Sprucing up dowdy sports pitches with cheerful paint and clever graphics has become a worldwide trend and it's one we heartily approve of.

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