VINTspiration: Series 23

  • VINTspiration: Series 23

October 06, 2017 - Inspiration

Like every Sunday, today we’re back with another VINTspiration post and more Vintage Inspiration for you to tuck into.

A Vintage Chicken Shed. Yup! And this one is redesigned in absolutely spectacular style. We’re always on the look out for projects where old and new meet seamlessly and this is a very fine example.

Vintage Wes Anderson? His new film Isle of Dogs is out next year. As seasoned Pedlars watchers will know, we’re BIG fans here. And this looks great!

Pylons in Sepia. This is a lovely piece on pylons. Love them or hate them, many of us live with them. I had some idea that Lutyens designed the British ones, but I’ve never had that confirmed because it makes a nice, romantic story and I might be wrong. 

Have you ever been to Egg in London? It’s a wonderful shop. We can’t afford anything there, but that isn’t really the point as far as we’re concerned; the space is great and the merchandising spot on. They’ve just taken over a new building over the road. This has some lovely uses of vintage in a modern interior in a very old house (if you follow me here).

Peter Blake is a master collector; his archive of artfully assembled and displayed vintage is at Frieze.

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