VINTspiration: Series 20

  • VINTspiration: Series 20

September 08, 2017 - Inspiration

Welcome to your weekly VINTspiration, this marks our twentieth in the series. 

We started VINTspiration as an outlet for all the great stuff we stumble across on a daily basis. And given that we've been living and working in the vintage field for around 20 years now we make no apologies that all of these posts will have their roots firmly in vintage. You can see where it all started, and get a good chunk of VINTspiration, by reading our first post here.

Home! This is a wonderful contemporary conversion of an ancient windmill (on the outside at least; the inside isn’t entirely to our taste but hats off anyway).

Watch! Racing motorbikes illegally is a sport that’s as old as the hills (or as old as motorbikes anyway). There’s good, vintage fun to be had in this lovely short film. Nutters! 

Indoors Inspiration! This is an amazing, light-filled loft apartment in Barcelona. Jealous! 

How to use twitter. A writer goes into a beautiful old church and sees a scale model. This is how to use twitter (vintage lover, church lover, model lover…whoever you are). 

A very cool shop indeed. If you love vintage and flowers, or just one of the two, then you need to go to Barcelona immediately and spend an hour or two in here.

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