VINTspiration: Series 19

  • VINTspiration: Series 19

September 01, 2017 - Inspiration

Like every Sunday, today we’re back with another VINTspiration post and more Vintage Inspiration for you to tuck into. 

In the Restaurant. Having read an enthusiastic review of Christoph Ribbat's new history of restaurants, I’ve just placed a preorder here.

A Vintage Inspired Basin. Looking for some good, vintage inspired basins recently we came across this really strong, confident stand-alone.

Lagom is the new Hygge. Of course, lagom doesn’t really have an English translation, but for now, let’s just say ‘just the right amount’. Get in on the act early. 

Metal Canopy Beds. Here is a fantastic selection.

Gudak app. An App that’s a disposable camera is an idea so simple we wonder why we hadn’t thought of it. Gudak not only replicates the look of a proper disposable camera in your photos (gentle colours, light flare and imperfections) but you can’t see any of your photos until a full three days after you finish the ‘roll’. It’s really good. Vintage meets modern in a perfect marriage.

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