Vintage Spotlight: The Winter Edit

  • Vintage Spotlight: The Winter Edit

November 14, 2017 - Product News

The Vintage Spotlight is our chance to grab the editorial reins and select our top nine vintage items on a certain theme; this week it’s The Winter Edit.

Much of this wonderful collection of Winter Jackets + Coats is sourced from the archives of fabled Massachusetts company Penfield, a giant in the world of wearable kit for The Great Outdoors. 

We are honoured to be the exclusive outlet for this huge collection of Penfield Archive clothing. These jackets would go on to inspire Penfield's contempory collections, with some the biggest names in the business all present and correct: The North Face, Woolrich, Eddie Bauer, LL Bean and more. 

1. Vintage Denver Down Winter Jacket £45
2. Vintage Wool Buffalo Check Hunting Jacket £​75
3. Vintage Woolrich Red Woolen Hunting Jacket £​​65
4. Czech M85 Vintage Parkas £​​75
5. William Barry Two Tone Brown Vintage Gilet - Suede Yoke £​​35
6. Vintage Green Hooded Coat - LL Bean £​​65
7. Vintage Woolrich Tweed Overshirt/jacket £​​55
8. Vintage LL Bean Interlined Duck Hunting Coat £​​85
9. Vintage Woolrich Checked Brown + Green Over Shirt/jacket £​45

But remember, these are just a few of our best pieces, we've only just started scratching the surface... If you'd like to browse our Jackets + Coats section for more, click here.

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