Vintage Spotlight: The Baking Edit

  • Vintage Spotlight: The Baking Edit

October 10, 2017 - Product News

The Vintage Spotlight is our chance to grab the editorial reins and select our top nine vintage items on a certain theme; this week it’s The Baking Edit.

A while back we picked our favourites bits of kitchenalia, but with so much variety in the kitchen category, we thought of narrowing it down. Today we're focusing on a few items that wouldn't only look great as display pieces, but that are also great practical tools - especially for those who enjoy baking.

1. Assorted French Vintage Tins £20

2. Vintage Pastry Cutters £24

3. Hand Painted Vintage Rolling Pin £18

4. French Vintage Madeleine Tray £18

5. Vintage Kitway Scales £45

6. French Vintage Balloon Wisk £22

7. French Vintage Children's Baking Kit £29

8. Vintage Unglazed Mixing Bowl £28

9. 1950s Vintage Rolling Pin - The Pixie £28

But remember, these are just a few of our best pieces, we've only just started scratching the surface... If you'd like to browse our kitchen section for more, click here.

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