Pedlars’ 12 Dogs Of Christmas #10 - Molly

  • Pedlars' 12 Dogs Of Christmas #10 - Molly

December 10, 2017 - Dog of the Week

We love dogs and we'll take any excuse to see more of your dogs; So for Christmas, we're celebrating 12 Dogs of Christmas. 

Say 'hello' to Molly, our #10 Pedlars' Dog of Christmas!

Meet Molly: she was abandoned as a puppy in a recycling bin in Hackney, nearly seven years ago when her now-owners found her.

When they took her into their local vets, they called the dog warden who said that it was pretty common for dogs to be abandoned in that way in London. They were horrified but also smitten by that stage, and decided that if nobody wanted this sweet thing, that they would keep her. Not exactly how they planned to get their first dog but on some level, it felt meant to be.

Molly is a staffie mix (half Staffordshire Bull Terrier, half Boxer). She is the softest, smartest, most sensitive dog. Tennis balls are her favourite thing, along with her dog pals at their local park in Leyton. Long walks and sleeping in front of the wood burner on cold winter days are things she likes to do best. 

Congratulations Molly, you absolutely deserve to be PEDLARS DOG OF CHRISTMAS!

If your dog is a superstar hound, email and tell us why they should be one of our 12 Dogs of Christmas, with a photo of course.

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