Meet the Vintage Dealer: BigJon

  • Meet the Vintage Dealer: BigJon

October 16, 2017 - Product News, Stories

Pedlars Vintage Marketplace has grown to become one of Britain's leading online Vintage destinations, and we're incredibly proud of how it has developed over the past year or so. Without the commitment, quality and cool stuff offered by our friendly gang of Vintage traders, none of this would work. We know how important they all are, so we want to share their stories -and their wonderful stock- with you!

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First up: BigJon

We visited Jon Harvey AKA BigJon at his home (BigJon Towers) in October, and we can confidently say that he really does live and breathe his brand. Stepping through the door you first notice the elegant Mid Century furniture, combined with brilliant pops of colour, strong typography and -of course- excellent Vintage to create a space that is, to be frank, exactly as we expected. Good coffee and pasteis de nata kicked things off, before we wandered around the immaculate living space, wanting to point out virtually every artwork or pick up every decorative object.

This may have been our first face-to-face with Jon, but it was clear from our meeting that he is a charming, welcoming, and genuinely passionate man with a clear notion of what he loves and the stuff he wants to bring into his life. In short, he is just the type of person we look to bring on board in Pedlars Vintage Marketplace, and we feel lucky to be able to share his collection with you.


Who is BigJon?

BigJon is the stage name of art director and designer Jon Harvey. Beginning life as a stationery brand, BigJon designs are stocked in stores across the UK and around the world. Simplicity, fun and elegance are at the heart of the brand and today BigJon has grown to include stationery, art prints, home goods, and a selection of original vintage pieces which have a strong leaning toward graphics, typography and especially wall art.

What is your Style?

I'm a child of the '70s & '80s, so my style is bold & graphic. I'm heavily influenced by my time at graphic design college where I engaged with big, bold typographic styles of the era. I love colour and a mix of styles, so my house was never going to be beige or dark. As you can see it's full of colour and life!


When did you start selling Vintage?

I only really got into selling Vintage in February / March this year (2017). It dawned on me that I was producing all this design work as part of my day job, but then I looked around my home and saw the walls littered with a mix of new and Vintage items. I wanted to bring this part of my life into the overall brand, and so far I think it's working really well.

What do you look to Source?

When I'm out buying Vintage at flea markets or antique fairs -both in the UK and across Europe- the number one thing I ask myself is "would I have this in my house?". Basically, if I wouldn't want to live with it or engage with it, I won't buy it. The obvious problem with that is you end up with a house full of 'stuff', much to my partner's annoyance.

Beyond this, I look for unique, graphic, colourful things that have stood the test of time, and will continue to hold up in 10 to 20 years time. When you get it right, those items will stand out in any environment you drop them in to.

What brands inspire you?

There are several that spring to mind... The first has to be Conran. I love the idea that, under one roof, you can engage with different products from different eras. Every Conran space is just full of colour, energy and inspirational pieces. Even if you walk out of there without buying anything, you always leave that shop feeling inspired.

Second, I would say John Derian. I actually have a 'John Derian Wall' in my living room of stuff that I have collected of his. Walk into a John Derian shop and you'll get it straight away.


Who should we all be following on Instagram?

I obviously follow a wide range of people, but the three that stand out for me are:

  • Montague Projects. You'll find a great collection of beautiful, Vintage book covers from around about the 1950s & '60s. They're just always posting something I love.
  • Trad Chap. This guy has the most amazing lifestyle and interior. Basically, you'll want to live in his house.
  • Johnny Suffolk. He is living the life I would want to live, well, if I wasn't doing all of this! He has a smallholding: chickens, goats, dogs, log fire... the whole shebang. He's living the antithesis of London and London life.

Meet Jon & his stuff!

Follow Jon on Instagram by going to @atelierbigjon. And browse his full Pedlars Vintage Marketplace collection by clicking here.

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