Introducing Your Weekly VINTspiration

  • Introducing Your Weekly VINTspiration
  • Introducing Your Weekly VINTspiration
  • Introducing Your Weekly VINTspiration
  • Introducing Your Weekly VINTspiration
  • Introducing Your Weekly VINTspiration
  • Introducing Your Weekly VINTspiration
  • Introducing Your Weekly VINTspiration
  • Introducing Your Weekly VINTspiration

April 07, 2017 - Inspiration

VINTspiration! It’s Vintage Inspiration. It’s what fuels us at Pedlars Vintage.

Ideas, reinventions, trends, thoughts, creativity. Colour, texture, patina, feel. Closely guarded secrets, tricks of the trade, buying tactics. VINTspiration is where they all come together.

This isn’t about selling things; it’s about creating a place where the very best Vintage ideas are collected and shared: 

  • What’s happening now? 
  • What’s next? 
  • Where you should be looking. 
  • Who you should be following.

The world of Vintage is a big, complex and exciting one. Every day someone finds something old and repurposes it, uses it in an exciting new way or completely reimagines it. This inspires us and we want you to be inspired, too.

We’ve been sourcing vintage professionally for nearly 20 years and yet every day we discover something new. It’s a big, friendly and very exciting place, the world of Vintage. So, step this way for VINTSpiration.

And if you have something to share, please do. Email

That's how VINTspiration began, and this is what we've unearthed this week:

Forging Antiques. This is a fascinating and bizarre story of a truly bonkers (or is he?) forger. Thanks to Pedlars Vintage Marketplace dealer Double Merrick for alerting us to this story.

Workwear… for Children. We’re massive fans of workwear, as you may know, at Pedlars Vintage. And so we were thrilled to come across Monty & Co who are not only making wonderful children’s workwear but doing so in the UK. This company deserves your support and what they make will, no doubt, become family heirlooms. Future Vintage…now.

Home. We believe that how you display your vintage stuff is as (more?) important than what you actually display. There’s some great styling in this house, parts of which look more like a wonderful Vintage shop than a home…which is not a criticism… we want an invitation.

Read. There’s a new book on Surf Shacks. It’s pretty inspiring stuff and is written by the founder of Haus Interiors.

How to Display. More perfect styling from the good folk at Camp Wandewega. This simple, beautiful camp is the perfect embodiment of our idea of the American Dream.

Vinyl. In the aftermath of the 10th Record Store Day, which is growing bigger and more impressive with each year, here’s quite a nice article on the appeal of vinyl, whether vintage or brand spanking new.

Instagram Inspiration. Earlier this month we found ourselves flicking through this Guardian List of the best foodie kitchens on Instagram. We were happy to see Anja Dunk getting a mention for her superb @cocoinmykitchen feed. This is how to do it.

Design News. Sit Down! One of our favourite ever chairs, the Result by Kramer and Rietveld is soon to be relaunched by Danish brand Hay. The Result was originally designed and built in the 1960s and was a staple of many school rooms. Its simple, solid and lightweight construction make it perfect for kitchens and offices and so this relaunch is very welcome. We can’t find any pricing yet but as Hay have a reputation for mid range affordability we expect this to be well within reach for most of us. Read more here.

Design News. Plain English make wonderful, if very expensive, kitchens. But this simple graphic lettering is easy and cheap to borrow and would look great in any kitchen. We love it…we’re doing it.

Design News. These tin baths are great. We were looking around for some good outdoor planters recently and these came up. They are hand made in Britain, very well priced and we can imagine endless uses for them.

Design News. There’s something lovely about chipboard and although it has, perhaps, been overused by designers in recent years, these bathroom or kitchen tiles that mimic its effect are wonderful.

Read This! A book of gangster business cards. This is amazing.

Read. Objets Cultes du Mobilier Industriel is the best book we have ever come across on France's iconic industrial furniture. If you can't deal with the French then it's worth 39 Euros for the pictures alone and you'll get the gist. A real gem.

Smell. If you like the smell of antique books but have struggled to come up with appropriate adjectives then the good people at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery are here to help. This is a genuinely fascinating study and even involved a panel of 'library smellers' who went at London's Wren Library like truffle hounds into the woods.

Read. Who better than the genius Martin Parr to create a book on The Abandoned Morris Minors of the West of Ireland? This limited edition book is as niche as niche can be but it's also great.

Build. On a recent trip to the Isle of Skye we were bewitched by the large number of new build houses that have been beautifully designed to combine old and new; simple, elegant profiles and traditional materials like larch and corrugated steel. Have a scout around good images here.

Build. We've been seeking inspiration this week for a new cabin that we're building in the woods. Cabin Porn was the first stop of course and this one on Bald Mountain blew our minds. Dream on!

On the Road. The Iconic Citroen Relay Gets a Makeover. There are two great vintage utility vehicles; the Land Rover Defender (RIP) and the Citroen H. Now the Citroen has a new body kit to celebrate its 70th birthday, but it's limited to 70, so be quick! This is a truly phenomenal reimagining of an already phenomenal vehicle. Take a look.

Home Ideas. Wallpaper is always poised to make a comeback, but then paint wins out. The clever people at Tattly Temporary Tattoos in the USA have come up with a great way of combining the two. Take a look.

Coming Up. Flea Market Season is nearly with us. Arthur Swallow don't do our favourite shows, but there is always something good to be found if you search and they have now published their calendar for this year. Take a look.

Shop Design. It's hard to get the mix between new and old right when you're designing a shop, restaurant or home. But someone showed us 1888 Certified this week. It's a butcher in Sydney and it gets the mix just right. Take a look.

Shop Design. And talking of Australia, we can't help but mention our friend Sibella Court, who is possibly the greatest exponent on Vintage in Australia. Her unique aesthetic has been influential across the world and if you haven't swung by her online world yet, then maybe you should do so now. Take a look.

The Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising. One of London’s true, undiscovered gems has a shiny new home just off Ladbroke Grove. This is the home to around 12,000 items from the Robert Opie Collection and it’s well worth a visit. If you like vintage graphics and packaging you’ll be in toy town. We like their website too, come and see.

A Modernist Hotel Worth a Look. We have never been big fans of Jaime Hayon -too cutesy, too, err, ‘whimsical’ for us- but he’s just designed a modernist hotel in Madrid and it’s pretty wonderful. Check it out.

Sotheby’s Made in Britain Sale has been and gone and some eye watering prices were achieved. We’ve been salivating over the catalogue in the office; there are some fantastic pieces by Hodgkin, Brandt and Nicholson. You can still get your hands on the catalogue even if the prices are a little steep. Step this way.

A Fantastic Home. This Swedish home is a perfect mix of old and new. We want to live here. As it says in the piece this is ‘perfect imperfection’. Serious home envy this way.

Camp Wandewega. Do you know this place in Wisconsin? If not, you should. Instagram Gold.

More soon x

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